We provide two short courses combining classroom learning with hands on sessions: “Earth Building in Practise” and “Building with earth bags, cob and adobe”.

We offer one ‘Learn and Build‘ workshop on earth building. In two weeks, participants will learn building techniques and practise on a real building.

All the courses and workshops are in English. They are suitable for people seeking an introduction to eco constuction and green, alternative and sustainable building, or dreaming about building a earth home. We don’t focus exclusively on the tropical context and several topics consider building techniques suitable for many countries and various climate conditions. The workshops take place either near Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai (Northern Thailand, Asia).

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Two focuses: Building with earth, building with bamboo

From ancient times earth has been one of the main materials in buildings. It is beautiful, healthy, reusable and can be used in both the structure and for plastering. For those who don’t feel interested or capable to build even a small part of their earth home, there are a large variety of small-sized buildings that can be made: earth buildings (also called ‘mud houses’) such as a cabin, sauna, meditation room, outdoor kitchen, sitting area, garden shed or animal shelter.
Bamboo is a magical material.  It is quick to grow, strong, flexible, light, beautiful and surprisingly easy to craft. It grows quicker than timber and regenerates after being cut.

Course: Earth Building in Practise

cob5-cropThis 5 day course is a chance to learn how to build your own small earth home using natural and locally sourced materials through the practise of three techniques (Adobe, Cob, Wattle and Daub). It combines classroom learning with hands on sessions.

Fee: 9,500 Thai baht (approximately 275 euros, 310 USD)

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Hands-on workshop: Building with earth bags, cob and adobe

3tech-carole-andreaThis 4 day workshop mostly based on practise is an introduction to earth building. Participants will work on a real building and use 3 techniques.

Fee: 6,200 Thai baht (approximately 180  euros, 195 USD)

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Learn and Build Workshop: Build a adobe and cob house

This 10-day workshop is a chance to practise two earth building techniques and plastering. You will build a yurt structure and roof out of bamboo, plaster the walls with earth and cover the roof with straw. Fee: 10,600 Thai baht (305 euros, 340 USD) See more here.